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By heart I am a planner. I need to know what's next. I desire it and I want to get you there as well. As a business systems & marketing automation consultant, I make it my business to know what it takes to ensure your day to day efforts in your company are more effective, productive, intentional and gets the revenue rolling in. It's all about the Benjamins baby!!

Everyone hears systems and automations and think the first step is to just dive in, purchase a fancy tool and start setting operational and marketing automations up. Nope nope nope. (hand slap)

Back that thang up and let's first P. L. A. N!

And in this blog post I am going to walk you through the exact steps to take to help prep you for effectively systematizing your company to run like a well - oiled machine with the right business tools.

Let's dive in!

Step 1: Pay Homage to the activity that you do every day in your business.

Before you know what to automate and create a system for you have to know what is actually being done.

Not only do you need to know, you need to see it!! Meaning GET IT OUT YOUR HEAD AND DOWN ON PAPER.

Do you...

Write social media posts?

Send out invoices?

Send contracts?

Send welcome emails or gifts?

Update a client after 1 week...

I know the list is long lol. But write it out.


My favorite activity to get this list that I share with my clients is to take 15 minutes at the end of each day for 7-14 days and write what you completed each day. (Be honest) This will give you a running list of all the things that need to happen to run your company. It is even better if you give yourself a month to review your activities...but at least 2 weeks.

Now that's complete let's move into step 2 of this process.

Step 2: Review your activity list find the repeats.

Identifying routine tasks in your company will help you see what keeps your company thriving. This will help you pass this over to a company (or help you do this yourself) that can create systems and invest in the proper tools that will automate these processes.

But wait not all tasks can be completed and automated with a business tool. In next's weeks blog post I ill share with you how to prep for a team member to ensure no balls are dropped and no team member is "left behind" Click here to be notified when it goes live.

Step 3: Categorize these tasks.

Seriously before you go buying business tools you must know that some business tools can handle multiple tasks, so the best way to not miss everything you need to have handled put those tasks into categories.

So if you have on your list:

  • Sent invoice

  • Welcome client

  • Sent contract

This would be onboarding or client management category

If you have tasks such as

  • Created social media graphics

  • wrote social media post

  • post social media posts

This could be a category of marketing or social media

Now let's find your best tools to get your time back.

Step 3: Research tools that will handle your tasks for you, or atleast make it easier to fulfil the task.

Now this step can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with all the options out there. At this phase of the process I highly suggest investing in a Systems Company (you can click here to learn more about my Automated Profits Audit) to review your task list to make the best suggestion based on your:

  • Work habits

  • Task needs

  • Budget

  • Tech Saviness

  • Team or no team status

BUT if you do not have this option available to you, here are some awesome ways to research:

Google "How can I automate (enter task)" Most times google will deliver a site that shows a tool that can handle your task need in some automated way. Even if it is not an automated way this is the closest way to seeing a tool that handles this particular task. Then you can review the tool, see what if offers, and ultimately it will take you down the path of learning what type of tool can fulfill the task and ultimately help you created more defined Google searches

Example: Go into Google search "How can I automate sending a contract.

Google will show tools that handle that service. Review what that tools offer (this helps you see what other task you can eliminate from you to do list...not just sending contracts.)

So maybe Honeybook pops up as a option. DO NOT settle on this tool. Continue to research.

Go back to Google and enter "Tool like Honeybook". This way Google will show you other options and again you are looking for a tool that will:

  • Match your budget needs

  • Fulfil multiple tasks off of your list

  • Be user friendly for you to ensure you will actually use it.

I actually LOVE Dubsado for fulfilling a task like this. You can truly automate your entire onboarding process from proposal to fulfilling the service. I am writing a blog post on this very topic, you can click here to be notified when I am screaming about all of it's dopeness. OR you can test it out yourself FOR FREE DOT COM here with this link.

And yes this is an affiliate link so you and I will get some love when using this link (you'll get like 20% off your first month or year), but you know me, I do not suggest anything without trying myself and I use it daily honey.

Back to the basics though

Do your research!

One other research option is Forums and social groups.

Post in social groups the list of tasks you are seeking to "systemize and automate" and ask for tools suggestions to fulfill these requests.

Now please be mindful and still do your own research!! What worked for Suzy may not work for you. So even if everyone yells Kajabi for automating your digital course, you may find it's too simple for you and you need something robust like Kartra.

Step 4: Get a trial of the business tools you want to use

If they have a trial USE IT! Most tools offer a 7 or 14 day trial to test them out.


Make sure this is something you are comfortable with.

Ensure it can truly fulfil the task or make it easier for you to fulfil a task/goal.

That's what the trial is for, save your coins and test these tools out first.

Let's wrap this up!

So when you truly take your time and go through these steps you'll make better decisions on what is the best tool to help you systemize and automate your business.

Please do not rush this process.

Can't wait to hear what you automate.



. Loved this? Know someone else that needs this knowledge?

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