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4 Reasons Why Email Lists are Necessary

Emails are the new phone numbers. Do you remember when you used to ask people for their phone number? The seven digit code? Phone numbers used to be the ultimate exchange of trust, and when it happened---connections were made. This is how life was before emails became the new phone numbers.

In business, email addresses are pure gold. They are the key to the proverbial “home” for so many. It’s the way into the lives of your customers, clients, readers, and supporters.

An email address is very much similar to obtaining the mailing address of individuals in the 1980’s. It’s the best way to disseminate information and share essential updates without actually calling them on the phone or sending snail mail that may take days to arrive.

Around 1997, email addresses became a staple of business and personal interest when American Online, Inc. (ya know...AOL) became popular internet service providers in the early 90’s. Along with other companies such as Prodigy and CompuServe, internet service providers began partnering with webmail service companies such as Hotmail to offer electronic “mailboxes” to business owners and individuals. Email address acquisition is one of the most discussed topics in the online and entrepreneurial industry. The email list discussion is extensive and deep when it comes to the importance of active email lists. These lists are used to communicate, educate, and interact with potential customers and clients.

When developing an email listserv, there are a few things to remember.

Email addresses are a commodity. They are to be carefully managed and protected.

Email space is limited. There are millions of emails written each day. Use the space wisely.

Email lists are designed to connect you with others. When developing a list, be mindful of your approach. Stay positive and always offer value.

As an Business Automation Specialist, it’s imperative I explain the importance of gathering email addresses through valuable lead magnets. Before I move forward, there are a few things to know about lead magnets as well.

Lead magnets are:
● Valuable, no-cost or low-cost introductions to your business, company, service, or skill
● Incentives in exchange for an email address and/or contact information
● Simple, easy-to-understand resources to help others solve a problem with ease
● Opportunities to build relationships with possible customers or clients

Lead magnets (or opt-ins) are designed to help you share your expertise with the world without having to convince them of your genius. They allow you to share information in a concise and clear manner as a formal introduction. Lead magnets should not be bait-and-switch material designed to obtain email addresses for less than quality information. As you think about your lead magnet creation, be sure to remember to keep things simple, share the solution to a problem, and leave room for future business interactions.

When you complete your lead magnet, you’ll be ready to develop your funnel or customer journey. Your funnel will include a landing page, your lead magnet delivery, a thank you email, and a few other essential elements.

If you don’t have an active email list or you are ready to increase the activity of your email list, here are a few things I want you to consider as you make a decision to dive deep into the email list and automation world.

1. Segmenting your audience is LIFE. The email addresses you collect are made for segmentation. Segments are smaller “rooms” of audiences based on their actions within your automation.

2. Showing up is showing OUT. Visibility is paramount in growing your business. When you show up in the electronic mailbox of your potential clients and customers, it is equivalent to sending them a message asking them how they are doing. Keep the Call to Action in place in each email, and watch your leads grow.

3. Building relationships is the KEY. Quick connections are made through valuable email execution. Every email doesn’t have to sell something (contrary to popular belief), and you should be sharing and connecting through your emails. Think of your lead magnet
as your virtual business card. Hand them out everywhere you go, and be sure the information is accurate and available when they are ready to BUY.

4. Money. money, and more money is in the LIST. Email lists are the most personal way to sell what you sell. Sharing your offer through email is equivalent to having a private party to showcase what you have in your treasure chest. It’s the auction everyone wants to attend. Use your email list as such. It is the most personal and authentic way to ask someone to support your business with their hard earned money.

Until automation time,

Quinteria Moss

Founder & CEO of The Automation Project

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