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Strategic Streamlined Automated System Plan

SAY YES TO THE BLUEPRINT. Step-by-step strategy for automating your processes and workflows for your back end systems. Whether it's lead generation, client acquisition, management, off boarding, retention, referral, social proof, team management, course management, OR e-mail & sms management systems we got the action plan for your team to streamline for impact and time freedom.

Our Process

Phase One: 
1 on 1 Virtual Audit

Before you know how to leverage what you currently have and is seeking to create, you must review what's already in place.


We dive into a complete audit during a 90 minute session on 3 of these systems:

  • Lead Generation & Visibility 

  • Client Acquisition, Management, and Off-boarding

  • Referral, Social Proof 

  • Team & Project Management 

  • Digital Product and Course Management

  • E-Mail Marketing & SMS System

  • Retention

During our audit we will focus on and identify

  • How is your current setup supporting your vision for your client's or team members' journey 

  • Where and how can we reduce areas, need for troubleshooting, or balls being dropped

  • What needs to be implemented or automated to eliminate duplication of tasks, or unnecessary tasks being completed to reach goals

  • Are your current business tool(s) the best tool to support the brand and the workflow in place

  • What tools best support the flow

  • How to leverage the current tool and optimize its features 

Phase Two:


Yes we research. Your industry, brand, and team are unique. No matter how many business and systems we audit, we always ensure we are creating the BEST automation plan for your needs. 


During Phase 2 we spend 1-2 business days researching tools, and possibilities for implementation. Because as our CEO loves to say, "If there is a will there is a way".


We have supported so many strategic automated implementations such as:

  • Reducing new members joining a subscription membership from asking questions that had already been addressed in welcome content, by requiring an orientation period before they could get access to Facebook group. This process was completely automated. Learn more about this case study...

  • Alerting a team member of a digital product purchase so they knew to kick off the process of mailing the journal that came with item. This is a completely automated & detailed system

Phase 3:
Automation Implementation Plan Documented

Now it is time to get the plan documented. By the time you reach this phase you can expect to receive a detailed document of the exact steps to complete and suggested tool to fulfill the automation of the system.


This plan will include the following:

  • Client and or Team Member Experience Journey of the system

  • Implementation Plan providing an overview of what needs to be done to make the client journey possible

  • Asset List detailing what exact assets will be needed to pull it all together

  • Overview video of the blueprint to provide a verbal and visual understanding of the plan with interactive feedback option.

  • BONUS: 30 Day Code to Access the Online Flow Academy™ with how to videos, templates, and resources on different service based business tools to make it easier to implement the plan

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